2013 Jackson Park Preview

– Here it is, the first official race of the 2013 CCC season in Jackson Park hosted by xXx Racing.

– Remember the majority of the course preview is over on the JPCX preview page. On twitter use #JPCX.

– You’ve all seen the pre-reg numbers and there are lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of people racing. But even after that there are lots and lots of people on the wait lists wanting to race. We’d like to give everyone a chance to race, but we do have limits to how many people we can fit on the course at one time. That number is 100, so if you don’t plan on racing, please let us know asap so we can make room for others who do.

– Because there are so many people on the wait lists xXx Racing will be strictly adhering to the registration closing times, which are 30 minutes before each race is scheduled to start. If you have not picked up your bib number prior to 30 minutes before your race you will lose your spot and it will be given to the next person on the wait list. No exceptions. Please don’t ask to get into the race after this time as you will then be at the back of the line. We try to make the reg process easy on all of you, so please help us out here and arrive early and enjoy the spectical.

– If you are still on a wait list (i.e. have not been transferred into a race) you will still need to pay with cash or check on Sunday. Your credit card information from BikeReg will not be available to be charged. Sorry.

– The weather has an 80% chance of awesome. Please dress and bring tent sidewalls accordingly.

The Course: xXx Racing had to move the course to the South side of the park last year due to concerns from the community of so many fast people on bikes racing around next to the soccer fields. There isn’t much land to work with but this year xXx Racing has squeezed every.last.little.bit of course out of what they have to work with. The staging area and start line are in totally new locations (near the West side of the parking lot) as is the equipment pit. So please pay attention and be careful when getting there.

– WordPress doesn’t yet like the new GoogleMaps so please see the course map here.

3 thoughts on “2013 Jackson Park Preview

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  2. Just an FYI: the CARA 20 mile run was last week, so there should just be the normal amount of traffic on the Lakefront Trail.


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