Jackson Park


– This race is no longer in existence and was replaced by Caldwell Woods, but its memory is saved here forever…

– Remember the parking lot next to the course is OFF LIMITS and you’ll need to park across the street in the metered lot (it only costs about $9-10 for all day). We don’t want anyone getting a ticket, so you’ve been warned. If that lot fills up, there is parking to the west of the course on Hayes Drive and to the East of Lake Shore Drive.

– The CARA 20-mile run usually takes place along the Lakefront Path this same weekend. xXx and the CCC urge all CX’ers riding down to Jackson Park for the race to exercise due caution and courtesy when traveling along that route.

– The CCC is trying to be green… take a look under the floor mats of your car, dig into to seat cushins and bring your own safety pins to properly attach your bib numberMother earth thanks you!

– If you show up early in the morning, please let the 40+ racers pick up their bib numbers first since they start promptly at 8:45am.

– Food. There are NOT a lot of food options in the immediate vicinity of the park, so please bring your own… or better yet ask a food truck to stop by.

– All categories or combined categories have 100 rider field limits on course at the same time. We will likely hit 100 riders in several fields, and xXx will be maintaining waitlists for all fields.

– Concerning waitlists… they are always first come first served, and this includes the online waitlists. 30 minutes before each race is scheduled to start (yes, even if we’re running a little behind we will still close reg at the scheduled time) we’ll close out the race and reassign bib numbers to those on the waiting list. If you are pre-reg’d and show up after this time your bib will already have been reassigned and you will NOT be allowed to race. Period. If you are racing more than once and would like to give your number up to someone else so they have a chance to enjoy the thrill of heckles and whatever else goes on, thank you, and we certainly can accommodate that. Just make your way to registration as soon as possible and the reg staff will switch you (just don’t give your number to the other guy/gal… you both can be DQ’d by USAC and no one wants that!).

– Please remember to register for the correct category/age group. We cannot allow you to race outside your cat/age group and the reg staff will be checking licenses thoroughly all day long. If you have a question, please ask us or a USAC official.

– Call-ups… since there are no series points yet, we will be staging all fields by straight CrossResults.com points and order of registration. See our standard staging procedure here. Remember CCC staging grids are 8 lanes wide. Preliminary staging info will be posted online as soon as we wrangle all the data and make sure everyone reg’d for the correct category.

– Concerning reg’ing for the correct category… no, you may not race Cat 3 if you are a Cat 4… and vice versa. Also, your CX age is your age at the end of NEXT year. Juniors (and their parents) please take note of this rule. Juniors 10-14 riders may race up in age with the Junior 15-18′s… but not the other way around.

– Concerning the 80% rule… we ask the USAC officials to leave as many riders in the race for as long as possible. However, pulling riders is still at their discretion in line with USAC rules. If you are told you are being pulled (always near the start/finish)… please exit the course immediately. You will still be scored and given a laps down designation.

– If you decided not to finish the race on your own volition, please let a USAC official know so you can be marked as DNF. This makes scoring the entire race a lot easier. Note that DNF’s count against your CrossResults.com score, so hang in there and finish your race!

– Full results will be posted on the CCC Results Board at the race (somewhere near registration) and online at usacycling.org/results the evening of the race. Series standings will be posted here following each race. Remember we’re presenting podiums to the top 3 in each race immediately before the next race (except for W4 & Juniors). So if you are in the top 3, head to the podiums right after you’re done ripping legs off.

– We are also awarding Pactimo Series Leader Jerseys to ALL CATEGORIES. Determining the series leader at the first race is easy (the winner of the race, duh) and we’ll present the jersey on the podium. So if you won, please be present.

– The CCC and or xXx Racing will be on Twitter all day… so feel free to follow us for up-to-the-minute updates.

– The CCC is supported by many, many, many generous series sponsors (34 in all so far!), many of whom will personally be attending and racing at Jackson Park. If you see one, please make sure to stop and say thank you for their continued support. Our little series would NOT be possible without them.

– The Jackson Park course is brought to you by the great minds of xXx Racing. The staging grid will be next to the parking lot. The course runs clockwise. The wheel/bike pit is dual sided.

– And finally… thanks to everyone for coming out and racing the Chicago Cyclocross Cup… again! Jackson Park is always a great venue to start of the series… so let’s race, cheer, heckle, and have a great time!