Dan Ryan Woods


October 7, 2018



Organized By

Beverly Bike

2017 Beverly Bike CX Preview

October 5, 2017
  • This weekend’s CCC event, Beverly Bike CX, is at Dan Ryan Woods on Chicago’s South Side, hosted by… Beverly Bike. The name may have changed to Beverly Bike CX, but we’re still using the #hashtag #drwCX.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here sometime Friday. Please let us know if you see any errors.
  • Keep in mind the series rules concerning upgrades. If you have upgraded in the last week please email us so we can transfer 1/2 your points to the next category for staging and overall standings.
  • Beverly Bike has secured a free beverage for the first 350 preregistered riders from their local restaurant/watering hole Horse Thief Hollowhorsethiefbrewing.com. Note the beverage is available either at the venue or at Horse Thief Hollow.
  • Tacos? Yes, please! Pollo Locuas www.pollolocuas.com  will be on site with their cart. Oh yeah, elotes too!
  • Plenty of parking, please use it.
  • The course: Beverly Bike brings yet another different course. Counter clockwise (numbers always on your left side). You will see on Sunday what’s in store.

2016 Dan Ryan Woods Preview

October 6, 2016

This weekend is the 8th year Beverly Bike*VeePak is bringing you some fun adventures on Chicago’s Southside!  It’s stop #3 of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup (CCC) at Dan Ryan Woods-CCC#3.

  • On Sunday for all PRE-REGISTERED racers, BBVP has once again graciously contracted some good eats for all of our racers. This year we are trying something fun and new. We will be offering a Taco Bar with beef, turkey, and bean options. BBVP is again covering all of this food… so preregister and ENJOY! Tickets will be stapled to your bib #’s for redemption. Do not lose the ticket and if you enjoy it, make sure to tip your cooks.
  • Water: BBVP will NOT be supplying water (saving the world with less plastic). There are two water fountains on site, but please bring your own hydration.
  • For the 4th year in a row (for this event) One2Go Event Services will be with us for professional timing and results. All preregistered riders (with valid email addresses included in their BikeReg profiles) will receive race results and lap times for via email shortly following their finish. Riders MUST be preregistered to enjoy this feature. Results will also be tweeted by @One2Go_Results on twitter following each event.  Bib numbers (always) go on your LEFT SIDE! Failure to follow properly place bib #’s risk you not being scored and potentially a $20 fine. Live scoring of the races will be found at www.livelynxresults.com.
  • Don’t know if your email address is correct in BikeReg? Use the “Edit Entry” link in the “My BikeReg” section of your BikeReg.com rider profile.
  • Parking: Parking is free, and the best spots are off of the 8500 S Western Ave entrance to the park… follow parking lot to the South.
  • The Chicago Marathon is again being run on Sunday so please plan your travel times to and from the race accordingly.
  • Online pre-registration on BikeReg.com closes TONIGHT. Please remember on-site registration closes 30 minutes prior to each race’s scheduled start time. All bib #’s must be picked up prior to registration closing so please be timely and considerate to all those you race with and DO NOT show up 15 minutes before your race expecting to still get in, even if you preregistered. Your numbers must be picked up no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your race. We will be doing a hard cut off 30 minutes prior to handle any waitlists. If you’re late, you go to the end of the wait list. No exceptions so come early and get your numbers!
  • For 2016, we have rented out the pavilion/chalet and we will be hosting registration inside. Please allow yourselves a few extra minutes to safely make your way from parking to the pavilion to get your bib numbers.
  • For the kiddies…  kids under 9 years old should come to the main viewing area of the race on Sunday at 11:40 am for a free prize from Beverly Bike & Ski Shop.
  • Weather looks great with 100% chance of awesome.
  • Preliminary staging will be posted here by Saturday.
  • Forgot to pick up your payout from Hopkins Park? Winnings can be picked up at Comrade Cycles 1908 W. Chicago Ave, and at Dan Ryan Woods on Sunday.
  • The Course: Runs counter-clockwise. The course will once again be offering a little something for everyone. It will have straightaway power sections, hills (and we do mean hills), technical turn sections, and the infamous bunny hops will be transformed into something magical this year. Energy management will be key. Bring your awesomeness!